Entregable 4. Field indicators and monitoring protocols to assess forest ecosystem services (FES): climate regulation, water cycle regulation / water provision, and biodiversity. Acción A2

Entregable 6. Communication Plan. Acción E1

Entregable 11. Technical report on risk-smart management. Acción 5

Entregable 12. Report on wildfire simulation modeling results. Acción 5

Entregable 13. Transferability and Replicability plan. Acción 8

Entregable 14. Report on the demand for climate credits. Acción 4

Entregable 15. Stand baseline report. Acción 3

Entregable 17. Information panels. Acción E2

Entregable 18. Stand Characterisation and post-fire practices. Acción C1

Entregable 19. Characterisation of stands and practices applied to adult forests. Acción C2

Entregable 20. Characterisation of stands and practices applied in forestation forestry and agroforestry plantations. Acción C3

Entregable 22. Report containing the list of measures and the method for elaborating the forest mitigation projects. Acción C8

Entregable 23. Promotional leaflets for companies and forest owners. Acción C5

Entregable 24. Assessment on the life cycle analysis of structural timber and biomass for energy. Acción D3

Entregable 25. Elaboration of promotional material for potential end-users. Acción E5

Entregable 26. Climate credit design. Acción C6

Entregable 29. Published articles. Acción E3

Entregable 30. Legal aspects of the climate credit market. Acción C6

Entregable 31. It tool for calculating the impact of forest management on ecosystem services. Acción C8

Entregable 32. Final report on networking activities. Acción E7

Entregable 34. Guide to drafting mitigating forest management projects. Acción E5

Entregable 35. Attendance at information sessions and assessment. Acción E3

Entregable 36. Attendance at training workshops and assessment report. Acción E3

Entregable 37. Report on the environmental impact of the project actions. Acción D2

Entregable 38. Assessment of the impact of forestry treatment on Soil Carbon balance. Acción C4

Entregable 40 Pilot study final assessment. Acción C7

Entregable 41. Report on presentations to the business sector. Acción E4

Entregable 42. List of attendees at the 5 «Promotional Meetings» and their assessment of the same. Acción E4

Entregable 44. Two articles in the Silvicultura journal published in French and Italian via EUFORMAG. Acción E6

Entregable 45. Newsletter. Acción E6

Entregable 46. Scientific papers in International SCI Journals. Acción E6

Entregable 47. Media impact report. Acción E6

Entregable 48. Socio-economic impact of the project measures. Acción D5

Entregable 49. Report on participation in events and the end-of-project Conference. Acción E6

Entregable 51. LAYMAN’S Report. Promoting forest management for climate change mitigation through the design of a local climate credit market (2017-2022). LIFE CLIMARK project. Acción E2

Metodología de cálculo de los servicios forestales ecosistémicos