Life Climark | Elizabeth Fernández
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Author: Elizabeth Fernández

Sono destinati a persone e aziende che desiderano compensare volontariamente le emissioni di CO2 generate dalla loro attività. Caldaia a biomassa presso l'università autonoma di barcellona. Fuente: MónPlaneta ...

On May, the 26th, forest professionals from the Forest Ownership Centre of Catalonia (CPF), representatives of the Catalan Office for Climate Change (OCCC) and researchers at the Water Research & Environmental Diagnosis Institute (CSIC-IDAEA) held an informative session at the municipality of Vallcebre (LU Capçaleres del Llobregat) with the aim to inform forest owners of the region about the LIFE +CLIMARK project.

On March 2, 2018, the CPF participated in an informational session in the municipality of the Baronia de Rialb, where the actions to be carried out in the territory within the framework of the LIFE CLIMARK project.