AFG Les Arenes pilot test


Geographical limit: Municipality of Castellar del Vallès (Vallès Occidental)

Agent participating in the test: Castellar del Vallès, Gallifa and Sant Llorenç Savall Forest Owners’ Association, private property and public property (Barcelona Provincial Council), Castellar del Vallès Town Council, companies that promote management, such as BOSCAT and AGRO’90, companies that carry out forestry work and forestry management bodies (SSTT Forest Ecosystems in Barcelona and the Forest Ownership Centre).

Other collaborating entities:


Total area: 46.27 ha

Main forest formations: Aleppo pinewoods and oak groves, pure and mixed stands.

Number of selected stands: 10.9 privately owned and 1 publicly owned.

Main forest ecosystem services (FES) identified: the selected area is part of a management promotion area (AFG, in the Catalan acronym) for the prevention of large forest fires. The main FES identified is the reduction of carbon emissions.

Priority objectives and proposed management: improving the vulnerability of stands of xrown fire and water stress with different management models depending on the objective of each stratum. In stratum 1, the plan i to maintain the mixed stand of Aleppo pine and holm oak; in stratum 2, enhance the holm-oak wood; and in stratum 3, enhance the Aleppo pinewood. Cutting to encourage regrowth and thinning, final felling of the acacias present and selective clearing. Integration of biodiversity in forest management will be carried out at all levels.

Impact of multifunctional management in the FES

Impact on carbon sequestration, blue water supply and capacity to host biodiversity (CHB) in the next 15 years:

Impact of forest management on carbon, water and biodiversity in the AFG Les Arenes PROMACC


is a LIFE Climate Change Mitigation Project, funded by the EU LIFE Programme.

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