The project is undertaken by five partners, four from Catalonia (CTFC, UdL, OCCC and CPF) and one from the Italian region of Veneto. The project’s coordinating partner is the CPF, supported by three basic management structures: the Coordination Committee, the Local Participation Group and the Advisory Committee of Experts.

The Coordination Committee is the main management body and is responsible for decision-making throughout the implementation of the project. Its members are:

  • The project director
  • The local coordinator of each partner
  • A technical and financial representative of each entity

The members of the Local Participation Group include representatives of the associations of forest owners from each LU, technicians and managers from the forestry bodies of each area and representatives of the Local Action Groups described in action A4. This group facilitates the dissemination of the project’s results and acts as a forum to achieve consensus on the most suitable methods to be employed to reach the objectives.

The Advisory Committee of Experts collaborates on the development of implementation and monitoring actions in relation to the various ecosystem services and the carbon credit market. It is made up of representatives of various European entities and provides expertise in the field of carbon fixation, biodiversity, water and the use and recovery of the services offered by forests and forest management.

Entities that form part of the Local Participation Group

  • Associació de Propietaris de les Comarques de Tarragona
  • Ajuntament del Montmell
  • Associació de Propietaris de l’Alt Empordà
  • Associació de Propietaris Forestals Berguedà Verd
  • Diputació de Barcelona
  • Associació d’Iniciatives Rurals de Catalunya (ARCA)
  • Associació per la Gestió Forestal de la Baronia de Rialb
  • Ajuntament de la Baronia de Rialb
  • Serveis Territorials del DARP
  • Associació de Propietaris Forestals Serra Miralles-Orpinell
  • Ajuntament de Vallcebre

The Advisory Committee of Experts is made up of:

The Advisory Committee of Experts is made up of:

 Nom Entitat Rol
Toni Munné ACA Public manager
Andreu Manzano ACA Public manager
Gabriel Borràs OCCC Public manager
Francesc Gallart CSIC Recercador
Pilar Llorens CSIC Recercadora
Antonio del Campo UPV Recercador
Víctor Resco UdL Recercador
Giovana Battipaglia U. Campania Vanvitelli Recercadora
Jordi Camprodon CTFC Recercador
George Mitri U. Balamand Recercador
Pierluigi Bombi CNR-IBAF and LifeWatch Recercador
Michele Salis CNR IBIMET Recercador
Alan A Ager USDA Forest Service Recercador
Jaume Fons European Topic Centre on Urban, Land and Soil Systems (ETC/ULS). Dept. de Geografia (UAB) Recercador
Marta Pascual Bureau Veritas Certification CSR Auditor
Lisa Causin Regió Vèneto Regional functionnaire, Technical manager of CarbonMark
Davide Penetella U. Padova (+water) Recercador
Sven Wunder EFI (+water) Recercador


is a LIFE Climate Change Mitigation Project, funded by the EU LIFE Programme.

This website reflects only the author’s view and the European Commission is not responsible for any use may be made of the information it contains.

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