Serra de Collserola pilot test


Geographical limit: Serra de Collserola Park

Agent participating in the test: private and public property, town councils (Sant Cugat del Vallès Town Council, Valldoreix EMD, Sant Feliu de Llobregat Town Council), companies promoting and undertaking forestry work (Forest4 CCCL, BOSCAT and BOSCAT FUSTA), Serra de Collserola Park Consortium, La Rural de Collserola and forest and climate change administration (SSTT Forest Ecosystems in Barcelona, the Forest Ownership Centre and the Catalan Office for Climate Change).

Other collaborating entities: Pau Costa Foundation


Total area: 40 ha

Main forest formations: Aleppo pinewoods and oak groves.

Number of selected stands: 5,3 privately owned and 2 publicly owned.

Main forest ecosystem services (FES) identified: reduction of carbon emissions in forest fire prevention; increased blue water in the recovery of springs and improved host capacity of biodiversity in all the stands.

Priority objectives and proposed management: improvement of the susceptibility of forest masses to crown fire and water stress, reduction of tree density, felling of pines and selection of oak and holm oak shoots, and selective clearing. Integration of biodiversity in forest management.

Impact of multifunctional management in the FES

Impact on carbon sequestration, blue water supply and capacity to host biodiversity (CHB) in the next 15 years: