Life Climark | Forestation: forestry and agroforestry plantations
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Forestation: forestry and agroforestry plantations

Main ecosystem services to be analysed: climate regulation and biodiversity.


Forestation is the mitigating forestry practice par excellence at a global level because of its capacity to increase a wooded area. In Catalonia this action is taken locally and is often promoted by financial interests linked to obtaining products of high added value, such as: non-timber products (truffles, pine nuts, and fruit), high-quality timber, or products of environmental interest (landscape, biodiversity, and soil protection).


These actions can be summarised as follows:


The existing plantations will also be monitored in order to assess carbon fixation over time in:

  • Agroforestry plantations with broadleaf trees for good-quality timber in the Replans del Berguedà LU.
  • Stone pine plantations in the Els Aspres LU.
  • Plantació d’alzines tofoneres a la UP Vall de Rialb.
  • Truffle oak plantations in the Vall de Rialb LU.
UP Rialb
UP Els Aspres
UP Rialb