Life Climark | Forestations: forest plantations
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Forestations: forest plantations

The main general indicator to be acted on: carbon.


Afforestation is the forestry practice par excellence in terms of mitigation on the global level due to its capacity to increase the surface area covered by trees. In Catalonia these actions are local and often commercially implemented to produce high value-added products, such as non-wood products (truffles, pine, nuts, fruit), quality wood and environmental interest (landscape, biodiversity, land protection).


These actions can be summarised as:

  • Planting of stone pines to cultivate pine nuts in the Aspres and Montmell LU.
  • Enrichment plantation with different fruit producing tree species (Sorbus, Pyrus, Celtis,…) around a vineyard in order to improve biodiversity, thus helping potentital auxiliary fauna for biological control of pests.
  • Enrichment plantation with Pinus nigra to enhance Carbon sequestration, to improve biodiversity (promotion of mixed coniferous-broadleaved forests) and to obtain commercial timber.


The monitoring of existing plantations is also proposed:

  • Monitoring of an agroforestry plantation of broadleaved trees for quality wood in the Replans del Berguedà LU.
  • Monitoring of a cord oak plantation and a complementary stone pine plantation in the Aspres LU.
  • Monitoring of a truffle plantation in the Vall de Rialb LU.