Life Climark | Forest management in adult stands
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Forest management in adult stands

Main ecosystem services analysed: climate regulation, water regulation (efficiency of water use and water availability) and biodiversity.


In the management of adult forests, using models that optimise timber production and the prevention of fires (ORGEST multifunctional models), conditions are being introduced to maintain and improve biodiversity. In addition, the effects of management on the carbon cycle are being analysed using an LCA, increasing the rate of carbon fixation while it is stored in the extracted timber. On the other hand, the capacity of the forest and multifunctional forest management to improve the quality and quantity of water in the flows is being studied, taking into account the priorities of each landscape unit..


This action is intented for development in various adult forest:

  • Aleppo pine (P. halepensis) forests in the Montmell and Serres d’Ancosa LUs.
  • Scots pine (P. sylvestris) forest in the Capçaleres del Llobregat LU.