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  • Establish 85 ha of demonstrative plots distributed into four landscape units in a variety of Mediterranean forest formations in Catalonia and improve their mitigating capacity.
  • Contribute to increasing the resilience of Mediterranean forests, quantify the mitigating impact (carbon, water and biodiversity) of five innovative and demonstrative forest management practices and integrate the prevention of forest fires in the balance as carbon that has not been emitted or has been avoided.
  • Design and test a climate credit market as a pilot study in two different European regions and prepare the tools necessary to implement it in Catalonia and Veneto.
  • Replicate the climate credit compensation pilot project in two more European regions (Spain and France).
  • Training of the main actors. Impact on the target public (more than 100 developers and 150 potential buyers).
  • Raise awareness about the mitigating capacity of sustainable forest management and about the existence of the climate credit market among all stakeholders and the general public.
  • Impact on local and regional policies. Participation of seven municipalities in Catalonia and Veneto (Italy) throught the undertaking of the various actions.