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Project start: 1 October 2017

Project end: 30 November 2021


En total s’implementaran 28 accions al llarg dels anys 2017 i 2021.

Preparatory actions (‘A’ Actions)

Environmental diagnosis of the activity areas, establishment of agreements with the owners of the land selected for the execution of the demonstrative actions, characterisation and diagnosis of the stands, design of protocols and definition of the baseline and identification of local companies with compensation needs.



Implementation actions (‘C’ actions)

    • Application of forest management practices to various forest formations (Pinus halepensis, P. sylvestris, P. nibra, Quercus suber, Q. faginea) and reforestation to determine the impact on the selected indicators (carbon, water and biodiversity).


    • Design of a new tool to develop multifunctional forest management through the creation of a climate credit market. A pilot emission compensation study will be undertaken and the existing markets in Catalonia and the region of Veneto (Italy) will be adapted it.


    • Replication and transfer actions in Catalonia and Italy and advice for entities wishing to replicate elements of the project.


Monitoring actions (‘D’ actions)

Assessment of the forest management impact of the implemented actions on the selected environmental indicators. A committee of experts will guarantee the technical quality and suitability of the objectives.


Communication and dissemination actions (‘E’ actions)

These actions are aimed at ghe potential users, who will be the creators (associations of owners, municipalities, managers, technicians, etc.) and buyers (local and regional companies) of climate credits. There will also be results dissemination and networking actions on the national and international levels.


Project management and progress monitoring actions (‘F’ actions)

The aim of these actions is to ensure the optimal technical, administrative and financial development of the project.