Life Climark | Diagnosis of the UP services
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Diagnosis of the UP services

The CLIMARK project focuses on six Landscape Units (LUs) that represent the broadest spectrum of Catalonia’s landscape and territorial diversity. A diagnosis of the ecosystem services was initially undertaken in each one of these landscape units in order to determine the overall needs, limitations and strengths of each territory. Subsequently, the most significant indicators (carbon, water and/or biodiversity) of each LU were determined to act as the global baseline on the landscape unit level with regard to forest management mitigation actions and impacts.


At the same time, these carbon, water and/or biodiversity indicators will be analysed on the stand level to define the baseline for the characterisation and assessment of the impact of mitigating forest management on one or several of them. The stands to be diagnosed will be located in both non-managed plots and those that are managed in the traditional manner or subject to actions taken within the framework of European projects as part of the Network of Demonstrative Plots (XPD) of the Forest Ownership Centre (CPF).


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